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About me

The Code less traveled is a website dedicated to showing off projects of mine in a way where you don't have to be in the seat of my computer. It is also more of a way to show my progress rather than my best works. This website it's self is a project of mine. Learning about web development has been a fun but grueling process, though the internet always has my back.

Hello! My name is Elliot, and I am a Canadian highschool student. I am particularly interested in the tech feild, machine learning, and automation. I enjoy making little scripts to make my life easier, and more interesting.

More info

I have been coding for a long time. I started my hobby in about grade 6 when i was introduced to the scratch learning program. Since then I have dipped my toes into many languages, but the ones I am most comfortable in are Python and Java. Both of those are also still works in progress. I am learning new things every day when I attempt new and exciting things with my projects. If you are interested in anything related to me, feel free to contact me! I enjoy discussing tech stuff with everybody!