All of our family and most of our friends have access to the Internet. Our Family Web Page is an ongoing project that grows as we do while keeping everyone current with "news" events. We can update information and photos as things happen and as often as we want. We include our Web Page address as a "signature" on our E-Mail to refer family and friends to our page for more detailed accounts of recent happenings in our lives.

How do I get started?

  • First decide exactly what you want your web page to do. I wanted mine to inform and keep family and friends current about our immediate family. You may simply want a digital photo album or have another specific objective in mind.
  • Gathering and organizing the information that you wish to present is one of the biggest tasks when constructing any web page. An easy way to go about putting together a Family Web Page is to write a letter to a friend (E-Mail) or dig up a copy of one you recently sent. Start with an introduction, a series of main points and a conclusion of sorts. Next gather photos and other visual material (anything that will fit onto an 8x11 scanner, it doesn't even have to be too flat!) that will enhance the presentation of the information you wish to convey to your intended readers.
  • Surf the internet and have a look at other people's web pages.

    Decide what you like and dislike. Pay particular attention to backgrounds, colours, text and presentation styles. Nearly anything is possible!

    What would it cost?

    As far as constructing a Family Web Page, the more you do yourself, the less your web page will cost and the more pleased you will be with the result. I would recommend starting with a single page and then adding linking pages one at a time (i.e. a separate page for each person, even one for your pet). Your page can be easily updated at any time.

    I work on a project basis, estimates are free and negotiable. I will create original artwork, scan and manipulate images, put everything together, edit, upload, in short, create and maintain your webpage.

    You may already be paying your internet provider for web-page space. Telus as an internet provider in Alberta Canada includes 2 Megabytes of space for a web page as part of their basic internet package: The EID of Brooks Alberta Web Galaxy package includes 3 Megabytes of web-page space. My Family Web Page occupies about 1.3 Megabytes.

    If you know what you want on your page, it could be constructed and uploaded to your server with as little as a couple of hours of my time. Contact me by E-mail if you are interested in having me construct and maintain your web page for you or if you simply wish to receive more information.

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    last updated May 31, 1999