David has been taking piano lessons for about two months now. Today he wrote his own song. It will be interesting to see just where all this takes him. So far practising isn't too much of a chore; he balks only because he can't always sight-read a piece perfectly. Mom and Dad are hoping that it will constructively occupy him so that he will tease his brothers less. His teacher and his parents are very impressed with his effort and abilities.

David seems to have always been enthrawled with anything that creeps, jumps or bites. In Mexico he took great delight in handling any living thing that no one else dared to because they were sure that it bit (and sometimes it did!).

He often found small water snakes in our back yard and played with them much to the horror of the neighbours. A snake even came to a funeral with us and another one escaped briefly on the counter at the hardware store. In his letter to Santa this past year his hope of expanding his collection is clear.

Dinosaurs are his passion. He can name nearly all of them and tell you just about everything anyone knows about them too.

David's 8th birthday was on the 18th of May. We went to Dinosaur Park to celebrate. He was elated by the gifts he received especially the microscope from his grandparents. It has so far occupied him for hours and will no doubt continue to do so. His brothers are intrigued by it as well but it has recently been put onto a high shelf to keep them away from the scalpel and indigo blue sample dyes....

On May 29 David was baptized in the South Saskatchewan River just north of Bow Island. Actually it was at the same place that I was baptized just over 11 years ago. It was a chilly rainy day but David insisted that he be baptized in the river and not in the font inside the Church. We waded into the very cold water and I performed the ordinance. The expression on his face told all.

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last updated May 28, 1999