Here is a little about me..

I'm enjoying being back in Canada. Life in general is much more pleasant and relaxing.

I'm sure this is due, in part, to the fact that I'm not pregnant, not nursing a baby and am only changing one set of diapers. As well, I'm not coping with the stress and worry of running a Primary organization in a foreign culture in a foreign language and, last but not least, are all the modern conveniences of First World living (i.e.) automatic clothes washer and dryer, unlimited water supply, continuous electrical services, etc.

Speaking of modern conveniences, I love our automatic washing machine but can't help but feel guilty about the vast quantity of water it uses and, strange though it seems, our scrub board/sink is one of the few things I would have liked to have brought back from Mexico. I also love our clothes dryer. What a time saver! I've been trying to be very careful not to shrink any of Alan's clothes for fear he'll retaliate and construct a clothesline in the backyard.

Our boys keep me both busy and amused. I'm sure we could easily write our own Family Circus. They also help me fill all the free time it seems I should now have. There is something to do every evening. Not only do they have cubs, swimming and piano lessons, but I take all the boys skating and swimming once a week. The rest of my time is filled with the regular cook/barber/psychologist/teacher/cleaning lady/policewoman/ nanny/ piano coach/dishwasher type stuff. I love it! It's wonderful being at home.

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last updated May 31, 1999