A picture surely says a thousand words. This one is from about a year ago when Alex was on a ride at the fair in Cholula. It isn't so much that he always has his mouth open, I think he has finally found the "volume" button, rather he is just so excited about everything in life. He has also received more than his share of testosterone, he takes teasing from no one, veiled or otherwise, without some sort of physical reaction. Last sunday I asked him how he got a bruise on his forehead, his reaction was to try to punch me out. His explanation was that I should already have known how and where he got it, I do live in the same house don't I, and I should also have known by now that it is something he would rather not talk about...

Alex celebrated his 5th birthday on the sixth of April. We made a triceratops pinata to help celebrate. He has spent most of his life in Mexico. Of all of our children he is the only one that likes chiles. Like two of his brothers, he talks with a strong mexican accent. Most notable is that "cookies" comes out "cokies".


Today he is coloring a picture of an Easter Bunny for a contest here in town (you know you have more children than most when you find yourself at the postoffice digging through the garbage for three extra coloring contest entries). The prize is a wrist-watch, a picture of which he has shown me a number of times already this morning telling how "wonderful" it would be to win such a thing.

Alex loves to cut and paste, color and otherwise create "things". He made the paper dog that you see on the right. He is determined to be a handyman like his Dad. He found a set of pliers on the street in Mexico while we were there that I have "kept" for him since. He recently found a screwdriver under our deck and thought he should have a tool box of his own. He and I fashioned one out of a Kleenex box. I added a hammer on the condition that he store his box beside mine and that either his Mom or I be with him when he "fixes" things.




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last updated May 31, 1999