Martin and Justina are shown beside their shack in the Grand Lea area. The smaller the building, the easier it was to keep it warm in the Winter.

Agnes (Leibham) Haney of Houston Texas has provided a very valuable piece of information regarding the Schlachters coming to America. In 1989 she found the The Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen, Steamship Company Manifest of the ship SS Koln on which Martin, Justina their two daughters arrived. The following gives some indication of public concerns about those arriving during in the second great wave of immigration to the USA.


Affidavit of Master or Commanding Officer or First or Second Officer.

I, T. Tantzen, Master of the SS KOLN from Bremen do solemnly, sincerely and truly swear that I have made a personal examination of each and all of the passengers named on the foregoing List or Manifest and that I have caused the Surgeon of the said vessel, sailing therewith or the Surgeon employed by the owners thereof, to make a physical examination of each of said pasengers, and that from my personal inspection and the report of said surgeon, I believe that no one of said passengers is an idiot or insane person, or a pauper or likely to become a public charge, or suffering form a loathsome or dangerous, contagious disiase, or a person who has been convicted of a felon or other infamous crime or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude, or a polygamist, or under a contract or agreement, express or implied to perform labor in the United States, except such as are expressly excepted under the law. And that also acoordingto the best of my knowledge and belief; the information in the said List or Manifest, concerning each of said passengers named theron is correct and true. Sworn to before me this twentieth day of November 1902

Henry M. Diedrich Consul of the United States at Bremen


The manifest notes that Martin declared himself to be 50 years old, a farmer, that he could read and write, that his nationality was Romanian and last residence, Constanta. His destination in the USA was Galveston, he paid for his own passage and carried more than $30 on his person and would join a son already in Plantersville Texas. Justina (Tschosick) was declared to be 50 years old as well and could not read or write.

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