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What Wendy and Alan have been doing...

We are busy as usual. Wendy is running children here and there as they join the normal pursuits of Canadian culture. I (Alan) am still conducting a job search since graduating from university in June of last year. In the interim, I work at Lakeside Packers in Brooks Alberta in the Quality Control Department, write an agricultural column for the Medicine Hat News, construct websites and do other desktop publishing projects.

We are settling into our home in Brooks after "camping" in Mexico for the past three and a half years while I completed my BA Degree there. Boy do we have stories to tell!

Front: Matthew (3), Alex(5), Levi(6) Back: Alan, Wendy, David(8)




What our children have been doing...

David is very interested in sciences epecially palaeontology. During the week of February 15 he participated in a literature fair in which he highlighted a book about dinosaurs. He is taking swimming lessons at the Brooks pool, has just started going to Cub Scouts (he will be "invested" on Tuesday April 20th), and he is taking piano lessons. These dinasaur buttons on our web site were made by David and Levi and currently live on our fridge door and now on the Internet! Click on them to take you to more exciting stuff about each one of our boys.

Levi is enjoying going to Kindergarten. He likes playing with his brothers. Levi seems to be the artistic one of our crew. Everything he does is always colorful. Anyone who visited us in Mexico will remember his psychedelic "bata" that he wore at school to protect his clothes during art class, it is still a favourite dress up item.

Alex is still a ball of fire. Recently he put two jalapeno pepper slices on his sandwich in spite of warnings from both his Mom and Dad. His first bite had him panting for air but he just had to finish the whole sandwhich lest anyone think he couldn't. Alex is taking swimming lessons. Shortly before we came back from Mexico, Alex had a bad experience in the surf and would not go near the water anymore. He seems to have forgotten all about it.

Matthew is three and struggling to make his will known and claim his independence. Mealtime wars with Momand Dad and other tactical battles with his brothers are common. He accompanied me downtown recently and bounced everywhere we went because he was a "tigger".

Who the Schlachters are...

Martin and Justina Schlachter left the port of Bremen, Germany in 1902 after having travelled there from Constanta, Romania (near Odessa, Russia and on the eve of a revolution in that country). They joined millions of others in the second great wave of immigrants heading for America. They lived briefly in Texas, the Dakotas and Saskatchewan before coming to the Grand Lea/Conquerville area of Southern Alberta to live with family already established there. Their descendants are numerous and are scattered all over North America. Alan Schlachter, his wife Wendy Lea Larson and their family are some of these descendants. This site is an ongoing project to keep in touch with family and friends.

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